New York Daily News October 28 2011

“This is a concert one would not easily forget. A beautifully balanced and yet diverse program (Ravel: "Mother Goose" Suite, Haydn's passionate 49th, Milhaud's eclectic "Ox on the Roof" and Mozart's "Haffner" Symphony) performed with true passion and always in genuine style. Jens Georg Bachmann, an internationally rising conducting star, must have transformed the orchestra into the stylistically versatile, beautifully sounding group. The broad impressionistic colors of the Ravel where impressive as was the emotional and dynamic spectrum of Haydn's 49th ("La Passione"). The wit, fun and stylistic eclecticism of Milhaud's ever popular "Ox" fully unfolded and left the audience aroused while Mozart's famous "Haffner" Symphony topped off this fascinating program with the right balance of fire and Mozartian grace. Jens Georg Bachmann's musicianship and stage presence is mesmerizing and awe-inspiring, no wonder the orchestra played so well.“